中心简介 Introduction


Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre officially registered in Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau on September 19, 2017.

北京给予社会组织发展促进中心的前身是51Give和51Sim。“51”是“我要”,“Give”中文译为“给予”,“Sim”是“Sustainable Innovation Movement”的缩写,中文译为“可持续创新”。

The predecessor of Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre is 51Give and 51Sim. "51" is "I want", "Give", which is translated as "Give" in Chinese, and "Sim" is the abbreviation of "Sustainable Innovation Movement", which is translated as "Sustainable Innovation" in Chinese.


51Give, founded in Beijing in 2007, is a leading provider of green low-carbon microfinance services in more than 10 provinces including Hebei, Shandong, Shenyang, Liaoning, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan.


In 2010, 51Give and China Social Welfare Foundation established 51Give online donation platform, providing free online donation service for more than 120 public welfare projects of 16 large state-owned foundations in China, making caring donation more convenient and transparent.


51Sim, founded in Beijing in 2008, encourages and supports Chinese youth to actively participate in seeking innovative solutions to social and ecological problems and promote the development of low-carbon industry through planning and organizing a series of public welfare project activities.


Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre will adhere to the dual missions of 51Give and 51Sim to achieve the goals of sustainable development and social responsibility, and devote itself to serving the public welfare in an innovative way.


Looking forward to the future, Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre will strengthen the close cooperation with governments, enterprises, social organizations and individuals to solve problems between human development, social progress and ecological environment in an innovative and sustainable way, continuously promote harmonious development of mankind, society, nature, and ultimately benefit the whole society.

核心服务 Core Services

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    51= “5”和“1”的中文发音Wǔ yāo(我要)“I Want” Give=给予

    2007年, 51Give秉承社会型企业使命,坚持企业可持续发展和社会责任并重的原则,率先从国外引进了先进的微型金融服务模式,结合国内普通人群、农民金融服务的现状,推出了实现普惠金融的个人对个人(又称P2P)的信用贷款服务平台。通过这一平台,不但实现了普惠金融理念,同时还为金融服务的需求者(包括普通人群和农民在内)提供绿色环保生产技术的咨询、培训并协助其从中获益。业务涉及河北、山东、沈阳、辽宁、山西、内蒙古、广东、广西、海南等十多个省。

    In 2007, 51Give launched the micro-finance online platform for Chinese farmers. This P2P service platform provides only loans for green energy generations such as solar heaters, wind powered generators for fishermen, and biogas cookers. 51Give also provided technology consulting and training to farmers to help them benefit fully. 51Give covered ten provinces including Hebei, Shandong, Shenyang, Liaoning, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan.


    In 2010, 51Give teamed up with China social welfare foundation to set up 51Give online donation platform to provide free online donation services for more than 120 public welfare projects of 16 large state-owned foundations in China, making caring donation more convenient and transparent.

    2016年9月,“ 51Give我要给予”在线捐赠平台转型。

    In September 2016, "51Give" online donation platform started the operation transformation

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    51=“I Want”我要
    Sim=“Sustainable Innovation Movement”可持续创新行动


    In April 2008, the 51Sim Sustainable Innovation Movement new media platform was founded. A variety of large-scale activities advocating green new life are held. The platform aims to provide opportunities for youth in China to promote the development of low-carbon lifestyle.

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    In January 2011, Research and Development Fund of China Social Welfare Education Foundation was established. The Foundation is dedicated to creating innovative solutions to increase the quality of public welfare services.


    On May 13, 2014, the "Research and Development Fund of China Social Welfare Education Foundation" officially changed its name to "China Social Welfare Foundation 51Give Public Funds". The charity scope includes: providing information technology support for the public welfare field, promoting overall culture of social responsibility, and creating innovative projects for social welfare.

发展历程 The Development Process



2011-Sep 2019 51Give had donated numerous children's clothes, children's supplies, toys, food, fruits and other materials to Beijing Morningstar Congenital Children's Care Center, with a total value of about RMB 30,000.


Jan 9, 2019, 51Give donated 2,580 books, 601 pieces of clothes, 23 boxes of medicine and 14 boxes of apples to No.4 Middle School of Taibusi Qi County, through Inner Mongolia Taibusi Qi County Education Bureau.

2019年3月,北京给予社会组织发展促进中心与“冰雪艺术城”项目达成战略合作伙伴关系,参与包括北京、张家口、大同,承德,纵横各200 公里共4 万平方公里,100 个以上特色乡村的创新改造,为发展乡村旅游、推进精准扶贫,实施乡村振兴战略做出不懈的努力。

March 2019 Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre reached a strategic partnership with the "Ice and Snow Art City" project. An innovative transformation of more than 100 villages, around the areas of Beijing, Zhangjiakou, Datong and Chengde, with a total of 40,000 square kilometers in length and breadth. The project aim to develop sustainable rural tourism, promote precision poverty alleviation and implement rural sustainable revitalization.


On June 6th, 2019, 51Give Socially Responsible Center (51Give) with Blue Ribbon launched the opening ceremony for the "Protect the Ocean, Clean the Beach" movement and in two days collected 736 kg of garbage that covered the beaches of Yazhou Bay and Xiao Dong Hai. A charitable donation for "Protect the Ocean, Clean the Beach" program was set up on Tencent’s Charity Page and have raised 128, 000 rmb so far (July 5, 2019) with the aim of 1,440,890 rmb.

2019年6月7日星期五晚上, 一只名叫“萌丫”的极其虚弱的短鳍领航鲸搁浅在三亚海滩。51Give为志愿者提供物资,并协调捐助者和支持者的管理。51Give还赞助了供公众使用的海洋哺乳动物救援技术文献的出版,文献包括:《海洋哺乳动物目击日志》,《鲸类动物目击指南》,《关于拟定收集组织样品的草案》,《海洋哺乳动物》。北京给予社会组织发展促进中心参与了救护平台抢救“萌丫”的全过程。这次搁浅引起了全国媒体的关注。超过40家主流媒体报道了这一消息。我们的目标是帮助海南当地人民和政府制定一个包括科研机构、商业企业、政府和志愿者在内的标准救援方案,帮助建设中国首家海洋哺乳动物医院和深海救援平台。

A fatally weak short-finned pilot whale called Meng Ya (Sweet Baby) lands on a beach in Sanya on Friday night, June 7, 2019. 51Give brought volunteers supplies and coordinated the management of donors and supporters. 51Give also sponsored the publishing of marine mammals rescue technical literature for public use, including : Marine Mammal Sighting Log, ORRCA Cetacean Sighting Guide Notes, Protocols for Tissue Sample Collection, Marine Mammal. 51Give Socially Responsible Center members were on the rescue platform during the final resuscitation efforts. This stranding received national media attention. More than 40 mainstream media reported on this news. We are aiming to help Hainan local people and government to produce a standard rescue approach involving scientific institutions, commercial enterprises, authorities and volunteers and help build China’s first marine mammal hospital and deep sea rescue platform.



May 2018 Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre and Henan TV jointly produced" The Crime and Responsibility of Cat Killers” which was broadcasted on Henan TV City Channel.


May 2018 Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre and Hainan South China Sea Institute of Tropical Oceanography jointly initiated a public welfare project named "Undersea Forest" protection and restoration.


June 2018 Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre invited the Nobel family to Sanya, Hainan province, to investigate the progress of the coral conservation and restoration project. Further communication was made on the donation and cooperation of the "Undersea Forest" public welfare project.


Oct 2018 Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre donated more than 700 pieces of clothes, toys and other materials to the "My Heart is for Love" project of China Charities Aid Foundation for Children.


Nov 21, 2018 Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre cooperated with the program of "The Battle against Poverty" of Henan Satellite TV, and donated more than 300 pieces of duvets and clothes to Qingfeng County of Puyang, Henan province.


Nov 24, 2018 Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre was the charity partner to University College London (UCL)Club of Beijing (UCLCB). 51Give supported UCLCB to hold Graduation Ceremony for Chinese graduates of UCL and host 2018 UCLCB Annual Ball.


Nov 28, 2018 Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre cooperated with the program of "The Battle against Poverty" of Henan Satellite TV, and donated 257 pieces of clothes, duvets and other materials to Neixiang County of Nanyang, Henan province.



Jan 2017 51Give, together with HC Kunlun Red Star and New Sunshine Charity Foundation, jointly organized the "Let's Watch Hockey Together" charity event. They organized the children with leukemia to come out of the ward and feel the happiness brought by sports.


March 2017, 51Give Charity Fund was highly supported and recognized by China Social Welfare Foundation, who opened a green channel for 51Give projects to be put on Tencent donation platform.


May-Dec 2017 51Give completed the "Cyber Violence against Domestic Animals" through investigation and visits.


June 2017 51Give launched the "Warmth for Small Animals" project. 51Give raised 5 tons of dog food from JD Gongyi and donated it to Qinhuangdao Small Animal Protection Association.

2017年6月17日,51Give与英国伦敦大学学院(UCL)北京校友会联合发起 “大手牵小手”公益活动,从UCL校友中为天使之家儿童福利院进行慈善募捐,并同时前往天使之家做了一天的义工。天使之家孤儿寄养点是为孤儿提供手术、康复、护理的寄养机构。

June 17, 2017 51Give and University College London (UCL) Club of Beijing jointly launched the "Hand in Hand" charity event to collect charitable donations from UCL alumni for the Angel Home, a fosterage place provides surgery, rehabilitation, and care for orphans and to do voluntary work at Angel Home for one day.


June 18, 2017 51Give donated RMB 16,000 to China Charities Aid Foundation for Children.


Sep 19, 2017 Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre was registered in Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau.


Sep-Oct 2017 Founder of 51Give was appointed Honorary Councillor of the World Future Council. 51Give team had in-depth communication and discussion with the World Future Council on the promotion of public welfare and the development of sustainable society.


Oct 28, 2017 51Give public welfare project team participated in the seminar “The Resilient Person – Healthy Living in the Urban World” jointly held by United Family Healthcare (UFH) and University of Cincinnati (UC).


Nov 11, 2017 51Give supported  University College London (UCL) Club of Beijing again as a charity partner to hold Graduation Ceremony for 140 UCL Chinese graduates in Beijing for the first time and to host 2017 University College London (UCL) Club of Beijing Annual Ball.

2017年12月,与F2N Market启动洽谈合作项目。F2N Market是北京最活跃并最有影响力的年轻农夫市集,创始人Erica与51Give负责人就公益集市项目的开展进行了深入的探讨。

Dec 2017 Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre met with F2N Market. F2N Market is the most active and influential sustainable farmers market in Beijing. Founder Erica and 51Give team had an in-depth discussion on the newly emerging model of green and healthy farmers markets.



March 2016 51Give entered into partnership with iQiYi. 51Give recommended and selected promotional videos of charity projects to be broadcasted on iQiYi.


May 2016 51Give entered into a strategic partnership with Bloomage Live.

2016年6月,51Give联合粉丝网发起“粉丝爱心计划-全国公益总动员”,这是向全国粉丝推出的第一次大型公益活动,同时也是中国首个全国范围粉丝公益应援活动,旨在将偶像的榜样力量、粉丝的无限热情和公益慈善的温暖有效融合相互加持,让爱的光芒扩散更广。 更多

June 2016 51Give jointly initiated the “Fans Love Plan – National Charity Mobilization” with iFensi, which was the first large-scale charity activity for all fans across the country and was also the first nationwide charity assistance activity for fans in China. It aimed to effectively combine the power of idol's example, the boundless enthusiasm of fans and the warmth of charity, so as to make the light of love spread more widely. More


July 2016 51Give cooperated with the "Wings of Hope" project of Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China to go deep into the leprosy isolation village in Daliang Mountain of Sichuan province, to provide care and assistance to leprosy patients. 51Give also produced a TV documentary about the obstacles they face, stigmas of social exclusion and daily life.


Nov 5, 2016 Beijing 51Give Socially Responsible Development Centre was the charity partner to University College London (UCL)Club of Beijing (UCLCB). 51Give supported UCLCB to hold Graduation Ceremony for Chinese graduates of UCL and host 2016 UCLCB Annual Ball. This Annual Ball was the first ever UCL Alumni Ball, the largest UCL Alumni gathering in Asia and the first UCL alumni event to be live-streamed. More


Nov 2016 51Give Charity Fund of China Social Welfare Foundation independently initiated the "Dream Journey" plan. 51Give team led 22 orphaned and disabled children from the Wuxi Children's Welfare Home to fulfil their dream of a trip to Shanghai Disneyland on April 14, 2017. More



Feb 2015 51Give entered into a strategic partnership with China Charity Supermarket. It cooperated with charity supermarkets to carry out various charity events, such as the “China Open Love” Charity Supermarket during the National Day holiday in 2015. More


Sep 2015 “China Open Love”, jointly initiated by 51Give, held its third Charity Friendship Competition. More


Sep 2015 51Give, as a cooperative partner of CCTV5 Sports Channel, jointly initiated the “Peak of Hope" charity project. It paid close attention to the development of youth football and created a brand-new football program online. In the meantime, the offline activities were the charity trips to the poverty-stricken areas. More



May 13, 2014 After being reported to China Social Welfare Foundation for approval, "China Social Welfare Foundation Charity Research and Development Fund" was officially renamed "51Give Charity Fund of China Social Welfare Foundation".


Aug 2014 51Give launched the "51Give Happy Ice Bucket Challenge" to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) otherwise known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). More


Sep 2014 "China Open Love", jointly initiated by 51Give, held "Tennis for Schools" charity project.

2014年11月3日,51Give 启动救助白血病小女孩的公益项目。对4岁的白血病小女孩-枝傲菡和她的妈妈-李芹进行慈善捐赠和救助。

Nov 3, 2014 51Give launched a charity project to assist children with leukemia. Donations and assistance were given to a four-year-old girl named Zhi Aohan and her mother Li Qin.



In 2013, 51Give cooperated with China Open Tennis Tournament and the internet public welfare crowdfunding platform to jointly launched "China Open Love" project, worked with several national foundations to help the development of national tennis project and social public welfare promotion. China Open Love carried out public welfare activities together with China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, China Foundation for Disabled Persons, China Children and Teenager's Fund, China Women's Development Foundation, China Social Welfare Foundation and China Charity Supermarket in the areas of teenagers, the disabled, women's tennis development, the national tennis fitness, and children, women and the disabled.


Sep 27, 2013 "China Open Love" held its first event: Li Na & Novak Djokovic Charity Friendship Competition. More



In 2012,the founder and co-founder of 51Give were invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos again as the guest of honor.


On April 2, 2012, the founder of 51Give was invited to attend the Youth Leaders Roundtable of Boao Forum for Asia for the second time. More

2012年8月21-24日,51Give协助黑河市政府举办中俄文化音乐节-爱辉之夜。 邀请英国知名乐团“Junior Aspirin Life Size Model”出席爱辉之夜并现场表演。更多

On August 21-24, 2012, 51Give assisted Heihe Municipal Government to hold the China-Russia Cultural Music Festival -- Aihui Night and invited the British band "Junior Aspirin Life Size Model" to attend the event and present the live performance. More


In September 2012, 51Give was invited to participate in China Charity Fair in Shenzhen and developed "Charity Hub" App. More


In October 2012, 51Give officially cooperated with the Dream Power Fund of Zhejiang Satellite TV's "China Dream Show".



In January 2011, "China Social Welfare Foundation Public Welfare Research and Development Fund" was approved.


In March 2011, 51Give and Hunan TV Mango V Fund officially established cooperation, which mainly includes "Happy School", "Happy Desk" and "Happy Reference Book",all using "happiness" as the theme of public welfare projects. Through a series of activities, love becomes a conscious habit, making charity a social trend and making charity a life style.


In April 2011, the founder of 51Give was invited to attend the Youth Leaders Roundtable of Boao Forum for Asia. More

2011年4月2日-12月31日,英国前首相Mr. Gordon Brown倡导提高中国中西部地球儿童的营养计划。由中国慈善研究与发展基金会发起,51Give参与的免费午餐基金项目,共募集了18249095元的慈善捐款。这个项目使全国14个省,129所学校的15000名贫困学生受益。其中51Give募集了7249笔捐款,共计1605998元。

From April 2 to December 31, 2011, former British Prime Minister Mr. Gordon Brown advocated to improve the nutrition for children in central and western China. The Free Lunch Fund project initiated by China Charity Research and Development Foundation and participated by 51Give, which has raised a total of RMB 18,249,095. The program has benefited 15,000 poor students in 129 schools among 14 provinces across the country. Among them, 51Give raised 7,249 donations totalling RMB 1,605,998.



In January 2010, the founder and co-founder of 51Give were invited to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos.


In June 2010, 51Sim held the "GTB - Lighten China" China climate action day activity.


From July to August 2010, 51Give invested in the production of a black humor film "Are You High Class?", which tells the story of microfinance in rural China and was broadcasted on CCTV6 movie channel.


In September 2010, 51Sim planned and organized the ceremony for the establishment of Qujiang New District in Xi 'an, Shaanxi Province.


In September 2010, 51Give green microfinance platform was transformed for the first time to an online donation platform, which was jointly established with China Social Welfare Foundation. The platform provided free online donation services for more than 120 public welfare projects of 16 large state-owned foundations in China, making caring donation more convenient and transparent.

2010年11月, 51Give 与联合国全球契约(UNGC)建立了联系并且达成了战略合作。

In November 2010, 51Give connected with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and reached strategic cooperation.


On December 12, 2010, the annual event of "Waste to Green Products" reached a grand finale.


2009年3月28日,51Give创始人与联合国前任副秘书长莫里斯·斯特朗先生共同出席凤凰网《中国和谐经济三人谈》,就中国目前的能源政策、中国循环经济模式、解决气候变暖问题国际公约的作用、企业责任和公民责任等问题展开了讨论。 更多

On March 28, 2009, the founder of 51Give and the Former United Nations Under Secretary General Mr. Maurice Strong attended the program " Trilateral Dialogue of China's Harmonious Economy "of Ifeng.com, they talked about China's current energy policies, China's circular economy mode, the role of international conventions in solving the problem of climate warming, corporate responsibility and civil liability issues. More

2009年11月10日,51Sim “Green Car”项目获得2009诺贝尔获奖者北京论坛邀请参展。更多

On November 10, 2009, the 51 Sim "Green Car" project was invited by the 2009 Nobel Prize winner Beijing Forum to attend the forum. More


On December 2, 2009, the “Clinton Global Initiative” which was launched by Former US President Bill Clinton, held the Asia Conference in Hong Kong. Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, Philippine President Gloria Arroyo and other officials attended the meeting. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon delivered a video speech to discuss globalization. At the Clinton Global Initiative Conference, 51Give was awarded one of the top 10 initiatives in Asia by the Clinton Foundation, and 51Sim green program was selected as a special CGI contribution. More


On December 12-13, 2009, 51Give was invited to participate in the second China International Lohas Forum held in Grand Hyatt Beijing. More

2009年11月,51Sim团队开发创意在线游戏“51TREE - Beyond Kyoto”上线,此线上种树游戏的目的是提高国际社会对气候变化这一全球性问题的认识,以及找到一个切实可行的解决方案的重要性。更多

In November 2009, 51Sim team created a creative online game called “51Tree-Beyond Kyoto”, which aims to raise international awareness of the global problem of climate change and the importance of finding a practical solution. More

2009年12月17日,51Sim举办“给我一个绿色信心,用行动支持哥本哈根气候会议”发布会。此次活动目的在于激发青年大学生的创新精神来帮助解决气候变化问题。活动全程于凤凰网及51Sim.org播出。前联合国副秘书长Maurice Strong先生、国家林业局应对气候变化工作管理办公室常务副主任员金鸿先生、证券日报副总编辑董少鹏先生、英国大使馆文化教育处代表应邀出席,现场来自五大洲的51Sim代表出席并演讲,与中国青年人分享低碳生活经验。更多

On December 17, 2009, 51Sim held the "Give Me A Green Confidence, Support the Copenhagen Climate Conference with Action" news conference. The event aims to inspire the innovative spirit of young college students to help solve the problem of climate change. The event was broadcasted on ifeng.com and 51Sim.org. Former UN Under Secretary-General Maurice Strong, the State Forestry Administration Climate Change Management Office, Executive Deputy Director Mr Jin Hong, Securities Daily Deputy Chief Editor Mr Dong Shaopeng, Council of the British Embassy representative attended the conference. Representatives of 51Sim from five continents present their speeches, sharing low-carbon life experience with Chinese youth. More


2008年4月,51Sim.org公益项目服务平台创建,同时启动“51Sim可持续绿色计划”。策划并组织了以气候变化为主题的“中国首届可持续创新学生竞赛(SISC)”。 此项目得到了联合国前任副秘书长莫里斯·斯特朗先生的大力支持。

由著名影星李冰冰代言的51Sim可持续创新学生竞赛,面向全国18岁以上的在校大学生,全国300所大学以团队形式参加比赛, 历经一年多的角逐,于2009年11月2日圆满落幕,最终甄选出来自香港大学、武汉大学等全国高校共36位获胜选手,他们于2009年12月前往哥本哈根,参加了《联合国气候变化框架公约》第十五次缔约方会议同期举办的系列活动。更多

The 51Sim Sustainable Innovation Student Competition, endorsed by the famous movie star Li Bingbing, open to college students over the age of 18. More than 300 universities across the country participated in the competition in the form of teams. It ended on November 2, 2009 successfully with competition duration of more than one year, and ultimately selected 36 winners from the University of Hong Kong, Wuhan and other colleges and universities throughout the country. They went to Copenhagen in December 2009 to participate a series of activities held by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Cop15. More


In April 2008, 51Sim planned and organized the cooperation project of China Breast Cancer Foundation and Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Foundation: "Walk to the Great Wall and Run to Beijing-Newton-Olivia China trip". More

2008年7月13日,作为奥运重大文化活动之一的“中国国际青年艺术周”在北京举行,51Sim策划并组织了这场活动的闭幕式 —《在灿烂的阳光下》,演出活动在北京人民大会堂隆重举行。中央电视台国际频道在2008年8月至9月向全世界68个国家播出。更多

On July 13, 2008, China International Youth Art Week, one of the major cultural activities of Beijing Olympic, was held in Beijing. 51Sim planned and organized the closing ceremony of this activity – “In the Bright Sunshine”, which was held grandly in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. CCTV International Channel broadcasted this ceremony to 68 countries from August to September in 2008. More


On July 30, 2008, 51Sim held China's first carbon dioxide assessment and offset activity. For the first time, the concept of “zero carbon emissions” was introduced to China. Mr. Qi Qin and Ms. Zhou Xun presented wonderful speeches as the image ambassadors for this event. More


In September 2008, 51Sim team successfully developed the automobile carbon dioxide emission measurement system and founded Kaiche.com. In April 2009, 51Sim jointly participated in the China Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition together with Jackie Chan Auto Net, and interacted with the visitors, using the green car measurement system to spread the knowledge of carbon dioxide emissions from vehicle exhaust on site.



In 2007, the co-founder of 51Give, adhering to the mission of social responsibility and the principle of paying equal attention to sustainable development and social responsibility, created the leading green low-carbon microfinance service in China. 51Give, China's first green microfinance platform, helped farmers build biogas digesters and install solar water heaters in Chinese Provinces of Hebei, Shandong, Shenyang, Liaoning, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hainan, reducing the electricity cost and solving the air pollution problems caused by burning wood and burning charcoal; install mini wind power lighting on the fishing boat for the fisherman, avoiding the seawater pollution caused by the used batteries. More